Data Management Solutions: Things to Do and Not to Do

When looking for data management solutions for storing, organizing and managing your important data, there are many things you need to take care of. If you dive headlong into the first possible solution without carefully weighing your options, you may realize that penning a million dollar check to the solution provider could have been avoided. Before you invest in the so-called latest data management solution, you must understand that expensive technology is not always the best technology. There are many companies that provide solutions for managing enterprise data. You need to do certain things before deciding on which one to partner with.

Don’t follow the herd

Many organizations choose to go for a particular enterprise data management solution because everyone in their industry is going for it. Sometimes it pays to not follow the herd and set a new standard. Solutions that cater to a particular industry may offer more refined benefits but may come at a premium price. Decide which are the most important features required in the solution, what will be the purpose of it and can you forgo some of the features. For instance, most people need solutions for managing data, to secure and store it, provide controlled access to it, get a log of all activities pertaining to data for the sake of regulatory compliance, easy data sharing, so on and so forth. Every data management solution offers these features and more. So if you don’t need any specialized solution, we advise you to refrain from buying premium software that targets a special niche.

Understand what’s on offer

Data management services have become an important necessity these days with ever increasing federal and state laws, security threats and collaboration issues. Many solutions for management of enterprise data promise the moon and show all kinds of direct and indirect solutions to lure the client. The problem is that most organizations do not know how to make the best use of expensive technologies available for managing data, the solution provider offers. It takes time for people to adapt to changes and adopt new technologies, which does not allow them to make the best of it.

As a decision maker, you must understand what’s on offer, how will it help your organization and how will it make a difference. You must ensure that the offer can help solve your immediate data management, security and regulatory issues as well as your communication and collaboration problems. You should also ensure whether it is simple enough to use and will be accepted by your people or not. Remember, like most organizations you might not need excessive technical features, all you might need is a simple solution for your day to day activities, which might come at a fraction of the cost that you were prepared to spend.

Consult and train users

Most organizations, especially large organizations, do not ask the end users before deciding upon the requirements for the data management solution. It is essential that they are aware of the benefits and uses of these solutions, so that they can adapt to them and use them effectively. Organizations must make it a habit to train users before implementing a solution. When it comes to solutions for management of data – security, collaboration and communication are the biggest factors for success. And it is the end users who can guarantee the use of the solution effectively if they are well trained beforehand. If every user knows how to make the best use of technology, you can get the return on investment quickly and gain maximum benefits from the solution. One important tip here – find an easy to use solution that takes minimal learning curve and starts giving benefits immediately.

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